Events in Dublin City

Hunt&Gather Midsummers Night Dinner


On the 24th July join Hunt & Gather for a Midsummer Night’s Dinner.

On the 24th July, Hunt & Gather are delighted to announce we will be hosting a festive soirée in conjunction with Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular.

This summer we would like you to join us in an intimate garden party inspired by the romantic notions of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. We invite to you to dine in one of Dublin City’s most unique and secret venues what can only be described as a diamond in a lost part of Dublin’s Georgian society! 

Hunt & Gather

We will kick off the evening listening to thematic bluegrass and folk music, followed by a relaxed dinning experience created by the talented Gruel Guerilla team. Expect a warm summer inspired food menu celebrating all that our spectacular city has to offer! The evening will then descend to the lower levels where you will be able to dance under the feet of Dublin. 

1. Mezze platter: beetroot hummus,flat breads, cucucmber,onion seed and chilli.
2. BBQ'd corn cobs with nasturtium butter
3. Pulled pork, cornbread (Veg option available) - choices of sauces and toppings (blue cheese, pickles and greens) 
4. Red fruit salad and iced tea
5. Elderflower lemonade float (lavender ice-cream)

For one evening only enjoy this pop up experience that will re-introduce the magic into your typical social gathering, we are confident that this event will fill your tummies, immerse you in good company and above all, inspire your imagination. 

We hope you can join us!
BYOB (bubbly/beer/boys whichever!)