We've found the best videos of our Street Performers in action. Let these whet your appetite for what they have in store for you.

13 Spectacular videos from our 13 Street Performers

1 July, 2014

We know how popular our Street Performers are, so we're offering a sneak peek from YouTube at some of their videos. Take a look to see if there's any Street Performers you'd especially like to catch at the Festival!

Got some time? Stick on our playlist of all 13 of our Street Performers - check out who they are here - and enjoy. We'll be introducing them all to you individually with more details in the coming days too!

See them from 12 noon to 8pm in Merrion Square, Dublin on July 11, 12 and 13 and in Fitzgerald Park, Cork on the 19 and 20.

Aerial Manx - Guinness world record holding Sword Swallower and Contortionist ​

Rob Roy Collins - Acrobatics, Comedy and Escapology

Les Freres Taquins - Mime and Magic

Derek Derek - Mime, Clown, Chinese Pole

Dan Raspyni - Juggler, Comedy

Dream State Circus - Fire, Acrobatics, Comedy

Pyromancer - Fire, Comedy

Jack Wise - Comedy, Magic, Ventriloquism, Sword-Swallower

The Lords of Strut - Acrobatics, Breakdance, Contortion, Comedy

Yukinko Akira - Rhythm Painter

Woody Woodman - Human Statue

B-Xtreme USA - Breakdance (performing in Cork)

Mr.Woodnote & Lil Rhys ft.Eva - Beatbox, Loop Artist and Saxophone Player