Free Festivals in Dublin and Cork with a new citywide program of events across Dublin city

3 Weeks of Imagination, Creation and Collaboration this July

26 May, 2014

This year’s festival evolves to showcase music, food, art and much much more, providing a fuller experience of what our wonderful cities have to offers. Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular transforms the summer with unforgettable feel good fun this July with free festivals in Dublin’s Merrion Square, Cork’s Fitzgerald Park and a citywide program of creative events across Dublin.

Slap bang in the middle of summer, Dublin’s Merrion Square and Cork’s Fitzgerald Park are home to Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular’s biggest free events. With guaranteed giggles from street performances, bands to bop to on the music stage and fancy food to feed the whole family, the parks are transformed into the urban heart of summer. The ‘Today FM Irish Summer’ area is a throw back to all we love about summers in Ireland, think crisp sambos, red lemonade, windbreakers and tunes from your favourite summers. The ‘ESB Spark Your imagination’ area is brain food for our little ones with educational workshops galore, with the ‘Outdoor Living Room’ being your home away from home.  ‘Laya Healthcare’s Playaground’ brings a corner of the countryside to the streets around Merrion Square - fake grass, picket fencing, a petting zoo with Kid’s shows throughout the weekend.

Free Family Festival in Merrion Square

To live up to it’s name, Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular not only brings summer to the city parks but also includes a city wide programme of cultured creative events during the day and night across the 3 weeks (July 11-27th).  Featuring free and ticketed events, the festival is collaborating with those at the heart of the city including councils, local businesses, arts groups and creatives.  With music, comedy, street art, spoken word, food and a variety of entertainment, the festival celebrates those people, places and performers that make our city spectacular. The full city wide programme will be announced in mid June.