The countdown is FINALLY over!

10 July, 2015

Let's get this show on the road... After 10 amazing years, we are bursting at the seams with excitement to have the biggest birthday bash of the year!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CITY SPECTACULAR! The countdown is over and we can finally blow out our candles! Here’s what’s in store for today:

The Street Performance World Championship:

Head to our ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and ‘Paint The Town Red’ stages to catch some sword swallowing, phonebook ripping, breakdancing and many, many more talents!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow:

12pm: Shep Huntly (Sideshow)

12.45pm: Million Dollar Eyebrows (Comedy)

1.30pm: USA Breakdancers (Dancing/Comedy)

2.15pm: The Space Cowboy (Sideshow)

3pm: Mama Lou (Strong Woman)

3.45pm: Mario Queen of the Circus (Circus/Comedy)

4.30pm: Fraser Hooper (Clown)

5.15pm: Bendy Em (Cortortionist/Comedy)

6pm: Victor Rubilar (Football Freestyler)

Paint The Town Red:

12.30pm: Bendy Em (Cortortionist/Comedy)

1.15pm: Victor Rubilar (Football Freestyler)

2pm: Mario Queen of the Circus (Circus/Comedy)

2.45pm: Fraser Hooper (Clown)

3.30pm: Million Dollar Eyebrows (Comedy)

4.15pm: The Space Cowboy (Sideshow)

5pm: Shep Huntly (Sideshow)

5.45pm: Mama Lou (Strong Woman)

6.30pm: USA Breakdancers (Dancing/Comedy)

We've got tons of stuff for the kids at our ESB Spark Your Imagination area so get those chizzlerz up and active on this gorgeous day! see map for times and stages. 

Don't forget to stock up on all our free goodies and most importantly; have a SPECTACULAR day!

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