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Especially for children: ESB Spark Your Imagination

3 July, 2014

In conjunction with The Festival of Curiosity and The Ark, ESB Spark Your Imagination is a feast for the senses, with interactive installations, free workshops, and lively performances. It will be running throughout the festival, from July 11th-13th.

In the ESB Spark Your Imagination area of Merrion Square, The Festival of Curiosity, Dublin’s festival of science and culture, will be running LEGO workshops, interactive educational groups and scientific displays including papercraft and electronics.

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The Ark, Dublin’s Children’s cultural centre, will be running Stand-Up Comedy Workshops for hours of jokes, crazy sketches and guaranteed belly-laughs, as well as putting on a Ukelele Céilí with Irish dancing and music.

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Keeping the kids on their feet, Catalonia’s Guixot de 8, in Ireland for the first time, bring their interactive outdoor gallery to Dublin; a bright collection of sculptures converted into challenging games that allow kids to experience interpretations of the work of the 20th Century’s most renowned sculptors like Miro, Dali, and Picasso.

Guixot de 8 sculpture

To complement the ESB Spark Your Imagination area in Merrion Square, ESB will also be hosing free children's engineering workshops on the Saturday and Sunday in Number 29, Dublin's Georgian House Museum. Places for these workshops will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so arrive early! For a times, click here.

ESB Spark Your Imagination is a banquet for the brain, with the makings of many light bulb moments!