JJ Kavanagh & Sons: Our official transport partner

5 July, 2016

When coming from outside Dublin, be sure to travel with JJ Kavanagh & Sons. Check out the discount code below!

The count down is on! Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular is delighted to be joining up with JJ Kavanagh & Sons as our official transport for this year's festival. This year we’re expecting huge numbers with guaranteed giggles from street performers, bands to bop to on the music stage and fancy food to feed the whole family. The park will be transformed into the urban heart of summer so don't miss one minute no matter where you are. You'll save money, time and energy by using JJ Kavanagh & Sons when coming from outside Dublin so be sure to plan your trip soon!

Get 10% off ONLINE with code: cityspectacular

Check out timetables here!