ESB Spark Your Imagination

For the Kids: ESB Spark Your Imagination

8 May, 2015

In conjunction with The Ark and Doktor Kaboom, ESB Spark Your Imagination is a feast for the senses, with interactive installations, free workshops, and lively performances. It will be running throughout the Dublin and Cork festivals.

In the ESB Spark Your Imagination area of Merrion Square and Fitzgerald Park, mad German scientist DOKTOR KABOOM, will be running interactive scientific shows and displays. This stand-up scientist will get kids psyched up for science.

Doktor Kaboom

The Ark, Dublin’s Children’s cultural centre, will be running Slapstick Workshops for hours of crazy sketches and guaranteed belly-laughs, as well as putting on a Funky Rapping workshops and storytelling.


The Ark

Festi-Jeux will bring their Feench wooden games to Dublin and Cork for hours of wholesome and honest fun that puts children at the centre of the action.


Full schedule and timetable will be released in June.

ESB Spark Your Imagination is a banquet for the brain, with the makings of many light bulb moments!