Meet our 2016 performers! This is ALAKAZAM..

13 June, 2016

Go on, just try to relax and unwind as you watch Alakazam tie himself up. You'll Laugh and squirm simultaneously as you witness freaky body contortions, sky-high feats of danger and cheeky comedy. Alakazam counts Bruce Springsteen and Sting as fans. Don't miss it!

If you’re one of those people who struggles to even cross your legs while sitting, your jaw will drop in awe upon seeing Alakazam, or “Al” for short. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Al is literally a human knot and has performed his one-man show in 35 countries over the past 16 years. Not only does Al contort his body, he also adds humor and daredevil-esque feats to his fast-paced shows. Al can contort his body into almost any shape and can even fit himself through a tennis racket...

He came in both 2nd (2009) and 3rd (2013) place at the Street Performance World Championships, which you might recognise now as Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular! So we are delighted to have him returning this year to give us a nice blast from the past.