Meet our 2016 performers! This is LEAP..

13 June, 2016

A duo acrobatic show that flips traditional ideas about gender upside down.

LEAP is the the outstanding collaboration of Reuben DotDotDot & Charmaine Childs who have excited the audiences of Dublin and Cork a number of years ago with their brilliant solo shows. Now they return together to explore the limits of what is possible when you ask the question, “If I Leap, Will You Catch Me?”

The answer is found in duo acrobatic routines where Charmaine lifts Reuben overhead and catches him as he leaps at her from every angle.  In a final test of trust, strength and adventure they bring to the streets a rare discipline – The Perch.   A pole that reaches 5m into the air, held off the ground in HER hands as HE climbs up and around it to balance on top with a backdrop of only sky, before a final Leap of faith…