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Meet our 2016 performers! This is Lisa Lottie.

16 March, 2016

Let Lisa lure you into her world of cabaret, contortion, hoops and hoots with her world-class performance that has travelled from Holland to India to our doorstep here in Ireland! She is currently based in the UK and Australia (not at the same time obviously… But we wouldn’t be surprised with this one!) Her festival show “Bend It Like Barbie” has gained her the much-deserved attention with her sophisticated, skilled and sassy performances and to top it all off, she will attempt the world's most dangerous Hula Hoop trick, balancing sky high on just one foot! Expect great feelings of exhilaration and don’t forget to scrape your jaw off the floor. This show is all tricks, fun and laughter for the whole family!

lisa lottie hooping city spec