Meet our 2016 performers! This is Lizardman..

9 June, 2016

The Lizardman is a self-acclaimed professional freak or, to put it simply, that tattooed green guy with the split tongue that you may have seen on television or even caught live in the act!

The Lizardman, Erik Sprague, has been a professional entertainer for 20 years. His full body transformation including over 700 hours tattooing, subdermal teflon implants, filed teeth, and, of course, a bifurcated tongue has been documented by Ripley’s Believe It or Not in the form of over 30 full sized statues of The Lizardman on display in museums worldwide. A Ripley’s fan poll voted him their number one favorite living performer and number two favorite performer of all time. The Lizardman also possesses one the most extensive repertoires of sideshow stunts in the world today and holds Guinness world records for pierced weightlifting and sword swallowing. He regularly performs many classic sideshow acts such as the human blockhead, fire eating and breathing, gavage, sword swallowing, the bed of nails, the Human Dartboard, and the insectivore. He also participates in many public and private flesh hook suspension group.

The Lizardman is an unmissable act and will be performing in both Dublin and Cork!