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Meet our Street Performers: This is B-Xtreme

6 July, 2014

B-Xtreme presents a high-energy interactive breakdancing show packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics, and the hottest dance moves. Their cutting-edge choreography delivers an unforgettable experience that leaves crowds cheering for more.

Award-winning breakdancing company B-Xtreme's mission is to bring dance from the streets to the masses. They have exhibited their spectacular talents at festivals, half-time shows, and special events around the world.

B-Xtreme dancers in action

Founding member Anthony 'Ready' Rosa fell in love with breakdancing in his teens, and moved to New York City after college to pursue his dream of becoming a performer. After four years travelling the world with USA breakdancing troupe, in 2011 he decided to start his own company and founded B-Xtreme.

The six members of B-Xtreme have an impressive resumé, having performed with big names in the entertainment business like LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna, and on TV shows So You Think You Can Dance?, and America's Got Talent.

B-Xtreme's dancers have lent their considerable talents to movies like Step Up, as well as TV commercials and music videos.

When not performing on tour, the B-Xtreme dancers teach at dance academy Xtreme Studios, which was founded by member Manuel Enrique 'Vega Stylez' Vega. The studio's vision is to help expand the creativity of its students to create a new genre of dance.

You can check out their America's Got Talent performance in the video below!