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Meet our Street Performers: This is Jack Wise

6 July, 2014

Dublin-based magician Jack Wise specialises in blending comedy with magic, and was the overall winner of the former Street Performance World Championships - now Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular - back in 2010.

As a child, Jack Wise was fascinated by carnivals, circuses and sideshow acts. Learning about the bizarre talents of these performers inspired him to learn sword-swallowing and magic, teaching himself the skills of suggestion and psychological manipulation so that he can appear to read minds!

Jack Wise at the Street Performance World Championships

Now, Jack has been a professional comedian and magician for over a decade, and along with fellow sword-swallower Aerial Manx, who is also performing this year at the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular, Jack is one of only sixty people practicing this art in the world today.

Jack has entertained some big names over the course of his career, including former president Mary McAleese! His greatest pleasure as a performer is "the reaction from unsuspecting onlookers," and children are some of his favourite people to perform for, as he finds them harder to fool than most adults!

One question Jack gets a lot is how he performs his tricks, but even more people ask why he does it, and his answer is always the same: "Because I can!"

Watch the video below if you'd like to see Jack work his magic on the crowd at the Street Performance World Championships in 2010!



When not wowing audiences at festivals around the world, Jack entertains at corporate events and as a wedding performer all over England and Ireland.