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Meet our Street Performers: This is Rob Roy Collins

3 July, 2014

UK-based Escapologist Rob Roy Collins has entertained around the world including Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand appearing on TV, radio, and at festivals.

A former junior national pole vault champion, Rob Roy Collins graduated with a degree in Law and German Law, from Liverpool University and the Humboldt University, Berlin. On the edge of pursuing a career in law, he spent a summer busking with his brother busking back in 1999, after which he ran away to Australia to pursue a career in street performance.

Since then, he has performed on the street and at festivals in cities around the world, and when not performing at events is a regular at Covent Garden in London, one of the most famous venues for street performance in the world. Now, with over a decade of street performance experience under his belt, Rob will be coming to Dublin for Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular.


Rob Roy Collins Helicopter Escape


Over the last few years, Rob has become a World Record holder several times over, including for escaping from a strait jacket while hanging by his ankles from a helicopter in flight over Niagara Falls, and more recently for the fastest upside down escape from cling wrap, suspended 20m high from a crane!

If we have piqued your curiosity, you can check out one of his helicopter stunts here, at St. Catherine's Buskerfest in 2011:



Combining comedy, escapology and acrobatics, Rob's show is a perfect blend of laughter, danger and excitement. Improvisation, quick witted wise cracks and crowd participation create a unique atmosphere that leaves audiences amazed and in hysterics. Rob a favourite among all ages and nationalities, make sure not to miss him!