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Meet our Street Performers: This is WOODY WOODman and Blanko

9 July, 2014

Award-winning Living Statue Artist, JOHNman, will be performing at this year's Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular as both WOODY WOODman and Blanko, two of his most popular creations.

JOHNman, is one of Berlin's best-known and most versatile Living Statue Artists, who has greatly influenced this art in Germany for many years.

JOHNman has travelled the world with his acts, performing at festivals from Oslo to Johannisburg, from Toronto to Mumbai. He is the first, and so far only, artist who has twice won the World Championship of Living Statues, which is held annually in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

Blanko is a living canvas. This statue begins its performance all in white, but as the day wears on Blanko becomes a collaborative piece of community art, as members of the audience are encouraged to take brush in hand and paint the statue into a rainbow of hues.

Blanko with children

WOODY WOODman is a different act entirely; more than a living statue, he comes to life by carving himself out of a tree stump, to tell a tale of the symbiosis between man and nature.


You can check out JOHNman as WOODY WOODman in the clip below, and make sure to come and see both of the artist's acts at Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular!