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Meet our Street Performers: This is Yukinko Akira

8 July, 2014

Looking for something a little different this weekend? Come check out rhythm painter Yukinko Akira fuse music, dance and vocals with art to create truly spectacular pieces.

Hailing from Tokyo, Yukinko Akira is both an artist and a showman, who creates dystopic works of art as part of his unusual show which is part dance performance, part DJ set, and part hypnotic painting spectacular.

Yukinko Akira 1 

With his paint-splattered CD player slung across his back, playing beats he mixes in his own studio, Akira begins his act by bowing to the crowd and getting into the rhythm of the music, before putting brush to canvas.

Yukinko Akira posing

Yukinko Akira has travelled all over the world with his performance, but his usual stomping ground is Tokyo's Yoyogi Park, where he performs regularly at the fountains.

His unique skills have earned him the approval of Tokyo's governing body, granting him the status of 'Heaven Artist' - a title given only to artists who have been deemed to contribute real cultural value to Tokyo's public spaces.

You can watch Yukinko's hypnotic performance in the video below, and be sure not to miss him at the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular!