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Meet The Performers: This is Bendy Em

17 July, 2015

Bendy Em's talents STRETCH far beyond the average...

This English lass living down under can get down, under, around, in, out, over and any which way you can imagine! Her shows are as flexible as she is, starting with short 1-minute stunts that can stretch out to a full 45-minute twister of entertainment.

She has travelled far and wide to places such as Canada, Holland, the UK, and our very own back yard here in Ireland! However, Bendy Em isn’t just an entertainer. She’s also giving you the chance to get wrapped up in her world of contortion with her Ki Yoga classes! Ki Yoga is a powerful corrective style of yoga based on traditional Hatha. It combines seasonal postures with Oriental Meridian based therapy as well as wholefoods as medicine.

She may not have time for a class this July, but I’m sure if you stop by you’ll be sure to pick up a few tricks a long the way or just be blown away by talent! And if you don’t believe us, maybe you’ll believe fellow Aus Hugh Jackman who claims she is “Absolutely amazing!” True story! bendy em city spec