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Meet The Performers: This is Mama Lou

7 July, 2015

From crushing apples with her biceps to blowing up and bursting hot water bottles like balloons as well as punching nails into flaming blocks of wood, 5’2” Mama Lou has proven her strength and determination to destroy!

Her rise to fame began when she decided to run away with the circus, a fantasy joked about by many but only the dedicated truly follow through! She knew the stuffy office lifestyle wasn’t for her, so she packed her bags and followed her dreams all the way to the streets. This former accountant and religious studies graduate may be a deceiving character, but just give her a phonebook and she’ll prove how anyone and anyTHING can be a bit two sided. In order to expand her many talents, she’s incorporated her aerialist act while she tears the phonebook in half. At this stage it won’t be surprising if she turns green!

Her unique act has gained her fame across the world with fans all over the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, so be one of thousands who will gather to witness the fitness this weekend in Merrion Square, Dublin and Fitzgerald's Park, Cork! See here for times and stages.

mama lou city spec