Meet The Performers: This is Mario, Queen of the Circus

8 July, 2015

You can catch Mario crowd surfing through his devoted fans to his favourite songs by Queen this weekend in Merrion Square, Dublin and next weekend in Fitzgerald's Park, Cork! Be one of the hundreds who will help pass Mario along while he gives you the best juggling, action packed Freddy Mercury you'll ever see!

In 2008 The Scotsman claimed that “Mario’s juggling rendition of Another One Bites The Dust defies belief!” He has won numerous awards including our very own Public Prize at the Street Performance World Championships in 2007, so you know we already love him! Mario’s character began his journey in the Off-Broadway hit show, Planet Banana and then went solo in 2005 with his outdoor international festival show.

Mario performs in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and has done so from Eurasia to the Antipodes, making him an international dream! So join us and this multi-linguistic this July in Merrion Square Dublin and Fitzgerald’s Park Cork. See here for stages and times.

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