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Meet The Performers: This is Space Cowboy

7 July, 2015

Described as a ‘one man circus’, Space Cowboy has taken the world by storm with his jam-packed act of acrobatics, sword swallowing and death defying juggling!

Beginning his exciting career at only 8 years old, he has received worldwide acclaim since, winning awards such as the ‘Festival Hub Street Performer Of The Year Award 2006’ at Edinburgh Festival and being voted ‘Best Street Show’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by the festival magazine ‘3 Weeks’. He is also the first performer to win the ‘Street Performance World Championships’ in Dublin a total of three times!

To add to his ever-expanding CV, Space Cowboy hold 11 ‘Guinness World Records’ for his extreme stunts such as ‘Most chainsaw juggling catches on a unicycle' (easy peasy) and is now considered the current world champion of street theatre!

So don’t miss out on catching this cowboy in the act this weekend in Merrion Square, Dublin and next week in Fitzgerald's Park, Cork - see here for times and stages.



space cowboy city spec