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Meet The Performers: This is Victor Rubilar

17 July, 2015

Hailing from the beautiful Buenos Aires, Victor Rubilar has drawn crowds in from all over the world and gained huge international recognition, earning 15 awards worldwide as well as becoming a 5-time Guinness World Record holder.

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, on a cruise ship, in a mall or on stage, Victor is sure to entertain with his varieties of shows that he adapts to any audience!

Victor’s highly technical talents are sure to be taken seriously, but Victor also knows how to have a bit of fun and get the audience laughing with him during his 30-45 minute comedy show. Victor combines juggling with footballs, juggling balls, acrobatic, magic and loads of humour.

Victor has been considered “The world’s best football freestyler” by The Times in India, as well as having “ Jaw dropping skills!” by CNN; literally a global success! So don’t miss out on Victor this July and be part of his worldwide fan base!

victor rubilar city spec