PET-acular with DSPCA

4 July, 2016

Bring your pooch along to PET-acular with the D.S.P.C.A and they can be the star of the 'Scruffs Dog Show', hang out in the King of Paws agility arena and set tails wagging in their very own photo shoot. The wonderful team at the D.S.P.C.A will have a vet on site to provide pet health advice. When we say fun for all the family we mean fun for ALL the family, including the 4-legged kind!

Saturday & Sunday July 9th and 10th:

12.00 noon                          Live Obedience with Alex Petrilli

1.00 pm                                Dog Adoption Parade

1.45 pm                                Vet Talk

2.00 pm                                Doggie Olympics with Alex Petrilli

2.45 pm                                Vet Talk

3.00 pm                                Dog Adoption Parade

3.45 pm                                Scrufts Dog Show

5.00 pm                                Cheeky Dog Tea Party

5.15 PM                                Live Obedience with Alex Petrilli


Click here to find out where to go for all this canine commotion!