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Top 10 Freebies

30 June, 2015

We have crammed in so much fun and activities for this year's City Spectacular festival that we went ahead and made you some top 10 lists to ease your mind when deciding exactly what to do! Here's one for the penny pincher in you...

        1. International Street Performer shows

freebies city spec

We love our street performers and we know you do too! They bring us round the clock entertainment and laughter with small doses of terror being the only price to pay as their shows are completely FREE! These guys gotta eat though, so don't forget to donate whatever you feel is necessary for these amazing performers to keep on spreading their talents all over the world and back again with us next year. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy and make your way to the bucket after the show: simples!

       2. Happy Yoga 

happy yoga city spec

This is where yoga meets disco! Guru Dudu takes you on a hilarious journey of fun postures with ridiculous names and will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Belly laughs, high kicks and some groovy disco tunes thrown in, Guru Dudu's classes are suitable for all levels and a great way for you and your mates to laugh your way through some exercise! The classes will be taking place in our Super Troopers Laya Healthcare area where there'll be loads more fun and freebies!

        3. Fit Kidz 

fit kidz city spectacular

Fit Kidz classes are a mix of fun, energetic, family-based routines that will put children at the heart of the action. The classes will incorporate SuperTrooper exercises, the fitness programme initiated by Laya Healthcare that focuses on increasing kid's levels of physical activity while having FUN! SuperTroopers has been ran across 300 primary schools nationally. Head to the Super Troopers Laya Healthcare area and get the kids craving some cardio!

        4. Laya Life Trampoline Mission 3 Show

tramp miss 3 city spec

Laya Healthcare bringing even more life to this year's festival with their Laya Life Trampoline Mission 3 show. Performing for the first time ever in Ireland, watch this Belgian trio spring, somersault and sail through the sky as super heroes. Cirqu’lation Locale add acrobatics, juggling and a dance-inducing soundtrack to a MASSIVE trampoline to put on a street spectacle like one you have never seen before. 

        5. ESB Spark Your Imagination

esb spark bulbs city spec

A banquet for the brain, the ESB Spark Your Imagination area is a creative hub for children designed to inspire, educate and feed the imagination. Here you’ll find a feast for the senses with slapstick and funky rapping workshops from The Ark, science displays from Doktor Kaboom, French wooden games for all to enjoy and some inventive fun with Learn It Lego workshops.  The makings of many light bulb moments! 

       6. The Ark

the ark city spec

The Ark will host FREE workshops for children of all ages. Channel your inner Charlie Chaplin and become a master in Slapstick, or turn that baseball cap around and join their funky rapping workshops. Visit the beautiful storytelling yurt and let you imagination wander. 

       7. Learn it Lego workshops 

learn it lego city spec

Learn It Workshops are designed to inspire and develop the skills of tomorrow’s engineers. Our workshops are engaging, fun and most of all educational with children taking time to discuss, plan, design and develop their projects. Their imaginations will run wild, with enough LEGO at each camp to create 10+ft tall skyscrapers, real LEGO chairs strong enough for children to sit on and much more.

        8. Doktor Kaboom Live Science Show 

DK city spec

Doktor Kaboom, like many of our performers, is a man of many talents. From biomedical scientist, to firefighter, to actor, Doktor Kaboom can amaze and astound the young, the old and everyone in between! His blend of science and theatre create a thrilling comedic act, two of which will never be the same due to his whacky improvisational skills. Doktor Kaboom believes every child is intelligent, creative and valuable and so do we so join us at the ESB ‘Spark Your Imagination’ area and prepared to be amazed and astounded!

        9. Petting Farm Kid's Court

petting zoo city spec

Experience a corner of the countryside in the heart of Dublin city. Bring a sheep from a stroll, pet a pig and become friends with all the farmyard animals. White picket fencing, plush grass, bales of hay - you'll never want to go home. 

       10. Renault Climbing Wall 

climbing wall city spec

Just when you thought we couldn't spoil you any more with our free fun activities, Renault went ahead and gave us a climbing wall for anyone feeling up to the challenge!


Keoghs Crisp at the Keoghs Picnic Yollies - great for the kids!

Pom Bear  crisps - the wee ones will love these!

Sample new drinks from our friends at Innocent

The ever reliable and delicious King Crisps

Glenisk yogurt - for all your dairy needs!

Under the sea with John West Steam Pots and No Drain Tuna Infusions

We've got your back if you skip breakfast with low sugar oat Cheerios