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Top 10 Things For You and Your Mates

29 June, 2015

We have crammed in so much fun and activities for this year's City Spectacular festival that we went ahead and made you some top 10 lists to ease your mind when deciding exactly what to do! Here's one for you and your mates..

        1. Silent Disco Walking Tours Sideshow

guru dudu city spectacular

Guru Dudu takes the Silent Disco phenomenon to a whole new level with his Silent Disco Walking Tours. Everyone wears headphones (supplied) and can hear the commentary from Guru Dudu and the dance-mix of uplifting faves from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. It’s all about spontaneous Flash Mob dancing, interpretative dancing around local landmarks, hilarious comentary and lots of crazy impro that is guaranteed to open the ‘laughter meridians’. Below is where the adventure is set to take place:

Dublin City Centre, meeting point is Molly Malone statue on Suffolk Street.

8th July, Thursday: 6.30pm

9th July, Friday: 1pm, 6.30pm & 8.30pm

10th July, Saturday: 2pm [MERRION SQUARE] 6.30pm & 8.30pm [MOLLY MALONE]

11th July, Sunday: 6.30pm 

        2. Sideshows: The Space Cowboy and Shep Huntly

space and shep city spec

You can skip that second cup of coffee and wake yourself up with two of the most eye widening performers in the world! The Space Cowboy has been described as a ‘one man circus’ and has taken the world by storm with his jam-packed act of acrobatics, sword swallowing and death defying juggling! Shep Huntly brings the perfect blend of family friendly circus and sideshow stunts. He offers up two shows on a plate (literally!), both of which have lots of jokes, a little whip cracking, some great yo-yo tricks and one big acrobatic stunt! Not to be missed!

        3. Keywest

keywest city spec

Keywest have exploded onto the Irish music scene through their vibrant performances that have grasped the attention of some of Ireland’s busiest high streets. These busking class heroes avoided the slow gig scene and took to the streets, leading them to be one of the most played bands on Irish radio. So if you like great music and gorgeous men, don't miss out!

        4. USA Breakdancers

usa breakdancers city spec

For the past 26 years, this trio have been bringing fun, family friendly performances with their high-energy comedy and award winning break dancing. Julio “Klown” Santiago is the founding father of these unforgettable performers and has worked hard to bring a show packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics, and the hottest dance moves. The lads like to perform to a high-energy blend of disco, funk, hip-hop, old-school rap and classic soul that really gets the crowd dying to join in! 

        5. Mario 

mario city spec

With his favourite rock band (you guessed it) Queen as the backing track to his circus artistry and comedy show, Mario is a one-man act that can’t be missed! Mario performs in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and has done so from Eurasia to the Antipodes, making him an international dream! He will definitely make your rocking world go round..

        6. Mama Lou

mama lou city spec

From crushing apples with her biceps to blowing up and bursting hot water bottles like balloons as well as punching nails into flaming blocks of wood, 5’2” Mama Lou has truly proven her strength and determination to destroy! And just to expand on her many talents, she’s now incorporated her aerialist act while she tears a phonebook in half. At this stage, it won’t be surprising if she turns green!

        7. Happy Yoga

happy yoga city spec

This is where yoga meets disco! Guru Dudu takes you on a hilarious journey of fun postures with ridiculous names and will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Belly laughs, high kicks and some groovy disco tunes thrown in, Guru Dudu's classes are suitable for all levels and a great way for you and your mates to laugh your way through some exercise!  

        8. Trampoline Mission 3 

tramp miss 3 city spec

‘Sky’s the limit’ in this high-powered trampoline spectacle! Performing for the first time ever in Ireland, watch this Belgian trio spring, somersault and sail through the sky as super heroes. Cirqu’lation Locale add acrobatics, juggling and a dance-inducing soundtrack to a MASSIVE trampoline to put on a street spectacle like one you have never seen before. Bring all your mates!

        9. Foodies

street food city spec

Markets have been a part of the fabric of Dublin and Cork city life for many years. Our Food Village celebrates their charm, bringing food stalls from Irish producers and their taste-bursting produce to the festival. Wander through, explore the stalls, and feed the whole family with healthier choices. Eat, chat and enjoy. 

        10. Chill out in the Layabout area 

layabout city spec

Kick back and chill at the heart of the festival. Soak up the atmosphere, catch some Zs, recharge the batteries and go for more! The festival's very own oasis. This is also where you'll find Sean Gilligan's Halleluia Gospel Choir and Johnny cupcakes so join us for some seriously soulful (and delicious) relaxation!