We're kind of a big deal guys..

14 July, 2015

We got some amazing snaps and coverage at our photocall launch last week. Did anyone catch us on the 6 o'clock news with RTE?

Maybe you saw us in The Irish Times? The Independent? The Herald? The Examiner?

If you managed to miss out on all this news, here's some of the best snaps we saved just for you!

Here we have Guru Dudu, Mike The Machine and Victor Rubilar looking amazing outside Windmill Lane's old studios!

guru mike victor city spec

Space Cowboy made good use of that cycle lane out by The Samuel Beckett Bridge..

space city spec

Here he is again getting some.. ahem.. tasty treats!

space nail city spec

Victor, Space Cowboy and Guru Dudu sure know how to make a scene!

victor space guru city spec

OK now he's just showing off....

space sword city spec