What is Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular?

24 June, 2014

Laya Healthcare's City Spectactular, formerly the Street Performance World Championship, takes place this July. Other than the name, what has changed?

We know how much people loved the Street Performance World Championship each year. We get frequent Facebook messages, tweets and emails asking for dates and details and whether certain performers will return. It's been a few years but people still wear their Where's Wally costumes to the Festival!

That's why we thought it important to tell you this: all your favourite parts of the Festival are still here - we've just made the whole event a little more SPECTACULAR.

We're announcing an even bigger and better Festival this year with more for you to enjoy:

  • We have thirteen amazing Street Performance acts to enjoy. Acrobatic, pyrotechnics, escapology, dance and more.
  • We have thirteen brilliant bands to delight you on our Go Metro Music Stage
  • We have a Kids Court where children can get judgment on just how mean their parents are to them
  • We have a Layabout area where you can relax in hammocks, on bean bags and take in the sunshine
  • We're bringing a Playaground Petting Zoo to the city with llamas, sheep, goats, pigs and more to say hello to
  • We have an entire Eat Street for you to try artisan food and drinks from the best suppliers
  • We have new experiences for you to enjoy - Damn Fine Screen Printing, Guixot de 9 Sculpture Scribbling and more
  • Experience the best of Irish Summer with Today FM - crisp sambas, red lemonade, deck chairs and your favourite songs

This year for the first time we're also introducing evening events in Dublin, including:

  • A special Vintage Games night with R.A.G.E
  • Spectacular Walking Tours of Hidden Dublin - find a city you may not know about
  • An exclusive dining experience in a very special environment
  • Spoken Word and Music evenings with some of Dublin's top culture collaborators

The full programme for Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular is available online. We will be adding to it as we grow the Festival and look forward to you seeing just how spectacular our cities can be!