Below is the 2019 programme. 

Don't forget to fill the performer's hats!

The Line Up of the World's Best Street Performers are ready to go and there is no ticket required to access Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular.

It is you, the audience member, who decides the true value of the street performances at the end of each show by making a contribution directly to the talented artists.

the space cowboy

55 time Guinness World Record Sword Swallower & Daredevil - Australia


This world famous sideshow celebrity is on the ultimate Street Performer diet. He ingests razor sharp swords for starters, hammers 6 inch nails up his nose for his main course and washes it all down with his chainsaw juggling finale. Exercise is key, regularly breaking out a sweat by catching arrows...while blindfolded. To finish the day, this 3 time Winner of the Street Performance World Championship swears by a good night sleep...on a bed of nails that is. Together with Aussie whips, Aussie wit and daredevil stunts you have an incredible combination in a show worth seeing twice.


NYC Breakdancers - USA


Ladies, prepare to swoon... men, prepare to take notes. This highly skilled technical crew are in a league of their own. Hip-Hoppin' straight out of the US of A with a trail of accolades to their names, these lads are as quick on their feet as they are quick witted. Check out this ever-cool break dance troupe if you want to learn how to bust-a-move and improve your skillz yo! So hot that they are partially blamed for the rise in global warming, this show isn't just's freakin' awesome!

the silver


Duo Female Aerial Acrobatic Show - Canada/USA

The Silver Starlets is an all-female aerial acrobatic show. Full of glam, glitz and glitter, the Starlets use a 20 foot free-standing trapeze rig as their stage. They twist, tumble, bend, climb and fall, getting the audience cheering, laughing and sometimes even dancing right along with them.  But don't let their tutus fool you; The Silver Starlets captivate their audience with family-friendly charm, beautiful grace, and amazing strength. These girls don’t sweat...they sparkle!

ORBAX & Pepper

DO SCIence

Live Mad Scientists Family Show - Canada


Professor Orbax and his long suffering lab assistant Sweet Pepper Klopek are two Experi-mentors who are here to teach WEIRD science to COOL kids! Be ready for explosive experiments, strange science facts and tonnes of crowd participation with just enough comedy to keep both kids and parents entertained and if you’re not careful… educated!

magic brian

Comedy, Magic & Escapology - USA


A show that has Ooohs, a show that has Aahhs, and a show that has Whaaat’s? It’s a show that is so stupidly funny it will have you rolling around the park laughing. Commonly regarded as one of the best and funniest comedy-magic shows on the planet, Magic Brian has abilities that most of us will never possibly need. His whole life has revolved around comedy with the very simple goal of making people laugh and smile and wonder how… and why he does what he does.

pete anderson's

unstable acts

Danger Comedian, Ladder & Knives, Very Funny! - UK


After being abandoned by his mother and father and raised by wild audiences, Pete quickly picked up valuable life skills such as balancing on top of a 10ft ladder while solving a rubix cube and escaping police issued handcuffs (both of which are surprisingly useful)! The last in a long line of East End Wideboys, this charming kilted gent has a show designed around laughing hard…brilliant street theatre.


Award Winning Living Statue - Portugal

If you ever saw a performer and thought…I could do that…well think again as you most certainly cannot do this. With a charismatic wit and oodles of creativity and artistic flare, Cartoonette is a living statue genius and Portugal’s most famous export since Ronaldo. This award winning world champion living statue will escape from her comic strip and come to life at both parks! Get ready for giggles galore!

Spectacular Areas to Explore in Cork


Dance, drum, jump and join in at Laya healthcare’s It’s Good To Live family health and wellbeing hub. Join social media superstar James Patrice as your host in this action packed area where families can challenge him to a dance off...or two or three!


80's dance CLASS

Travel back to the 80’s, grab those neon sweatbands and get into the groove with Laya Healthcare’s ‘Retro Sweatro’ fitness classes. Let the dance battles begin! As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Stage.

Boogie Bounce

Jump for joy and have fun getting fit at these absolutely pumping trampoline fitness classes. As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Stage.


Are you ready to rock your workout? This cardio jam session with POUND Fitness Pro instructor is inspired by the infectious and energising fun of playing the drums. As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Stage.


This dance n' play party will have your little ones jamming, having fun and rocking out. Our energetic Zumba instructor has beats that all the family with love. As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Stage.


The whole family can move, dance, shake and get fit together at these lively exercise classes. As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Stage.

African drumming

Find your rhythm to the infectious beats of drumming and get ready for some music making. As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Stage.

Lastly, after a packed day of spectacular activities visitors will be able to kick-back and take a few minutes to relax the mind and rest their feet in laya healthcare’s chill out area. As part of Laya Healthcare’s It’s Good to Live Area.

Lil Laya Ville

Kids will transform into budding chefs and prepare culinary delights at Lil Laya Ville, the imaginative farm to table play experience. The food, and all the games are made from wood and designed to spark creativity, trigger imagination and give families a day filled of genuine feel good fun.

Layabout with

Laya Healthcare


Colouring ​is ​recognised as one of the most mindful things we can do​. Little and big kids can express themselves, be bright and bold, and colour outside the lines at the Super Troopers Graffiti House. As part of Laya Healthcare’s 'It’s Good to Live' area.

Just Eat Street

Tickle your taste buds with delicious global flavours at the Just Eat Street. Tuck into a smorgasbord of savoury and sweet international dishes, treats and tastes while the Just Eat Waiter Service takes and delivers your food orders. World street foods include Umi Falafel, La La Poutine, Say Fish, Knockout Pizza, Bad Boys BBQ, O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausages, Hog Roast and many more.

pet-acular with


& purina

No Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular is complete without the p-awsome festival area of Pet-acular with official festival charity partner DSCPA and Purina. Mutt and man will enjoy doggy delights such as the DSPCA Scruffs dog show, dog training & agility demos with the DSPCA Dog Training Team. Cork animal welfare charity CSPCA and their cuddly canines will also be joining us. Lovers of our four-legged furry friends will have the op-paw-tunity to meet dogs who are looking for forever homes in the CSPCA Doggy Adoption Parade.


Purina will be on hand at Pet-acular with some pet-approved surprises! Their Vet Nurse will be chatting all things pet, so pop over to discuss anything from dental health to weight management!

Tesco Parent

& Baby tent

The Parent & Baby tent is a little help from Tesco for mums or dads needing a breather during the festival. This quiet space will be stocked with essentials to use from nappies to baby wipes.

Volkswagen Playground

Get ready for the fun filled Volkswagen Playground where adults and children alike can relax, play and soak up the summer sun. Let your inner child free and explore the automotive themed playground with giant games, tyre swings, a bespoke collaborative mural plus much more! No playground is complete without big toys and the 192 Volkswagen range will be on display for you to play with including the fully-electric e-Golf and all-new T-Cross compact SUV.

Johnny Magory’s Explorer’s Storyland

Get creative in Johnny Magory’s Explorer’s Storyland where kids can explore their love of writing and adventure and join in on Story-writing workshops.

KID's court

Beware all parents! Kids rule this courtroom and will be putting you on trial. Prepare to be sentenced to a custard pie in the face!

vintage funfair

Whirl around the colourful Vintage Funfair including the spectacularly iconic Helter Skelter twisty-slide.

irish guide dog

We will be joined by the Irish Guide Dogs, Ireland’s national charity dedicated to helping people who are vision impaired and families of children with autism to achieve improved mobility and independence. They will bring with them the life changing dogs and many activities for festival-goers to experience.

What to see & do in Cork


Visiting Cork for Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular this July? Make sure to explore and enjoy the delights that 'Ireland's real capital' has to offer. Ireland’s Ancient East offers tourists a chance to peel back the layers of time and experience 5,000 years of European history in a compact area, all starting in Cork.

Zipit Farran Park Cork

Zipit is a high wire forest adventure park with a difference. A place for young and old, where children can let their imagination run wild and where adults can embrace their inner child. You can climb high into the treetops, swing into cargo nets, even ride a bmx across a bridge, before zipping down one of our many ziplines. Come as a family, come on your own, or bring along a group.

Fota Wildlife


Fota Wildlife Park, part of the Zoological Society of Ireland, is located on 100 acres at Fota Island 10km east of Cork City. Home to thousands of animals since it first opened its gates, Fota Wildlife Park’s primary objective is to provide the highest possible standard of care, housing and quality of life for all of its species, both native and exotic. Fota Wildlife Park is educative, fun and all importantly an inspiring way to spend the day with the family.

Cork Harbour

Cork’s Harbour Island’s are full of activities and adventure for all the family! Consisting of the Little Island, Fota Island, Great Island and Spike Island; with fun days out, water activities, fabulous accommodation there is so much to see and do.


Holiday Village

Look no further than Trobalgan Holiday Village for your family holiday! Get the best of both worlds as it’s a peaceful destination but will also keep the whole family entertained. Toddlers, teens and even Mum and Dad will be kept going for hours with the Village’s wave pool and waterslide, 18-hole golf course, Indoor sports complex and play areas. So don’t delay, plan your family vacay now, get all the info you need here!


An entire day can be spent around Youghal! Where the past meets present, Youghal is both a modern seaside resort and one of the best examples of a Norman walled port in Ireland today.There are bike rides, pony and trap excursions and cruises on the River Blackwater that will sure keep everyone on the move. Perhaps the biggest draw is Perks Entertainment Centre one of Ireland’s largest indoor funfairs with bowling, lots rides and games galore, check out Ireland's Ancient East for more!

Cork City Tour

Hop on board the red double-decker bus for your Cork sightseeing tour for some family fun in Cork. About an hour long, the tour includes convenient stops at Cork's most popular cultural and historical attractions - Cork City Gaol, the Shandon Bells, U.C.C and the award winning Glucksman Gallery, the English Market, art galleries, shops and restaurants. There for a short stay, it’s the best way to get around Cork in a day!

Ballycotton Lighthouse

Visit the picturesque Ballycotton Lighthouse to round off the day. A 10-seater passenger ferry will transport you to the unspoilt and previously inaccessible Ballycotton Island on a magical visit to one of the only two black lighthouses in Ireland. Guides will accompany you up the lighthouse tower and onto the bright red lantern balcony to enjoy breathtaking views of Ballycotton Bay and beyond!

SailCork- Set sail on the Cobh

Cork Harbour is an amazing location for watersports. It is the second largest natural harbour in the world (after Sydney Harbour in Australia) So why not go sailing in the picturesque East Ferry near the historical town of Cobh. Whether you choose kayaking, yachting, powerboating or dinghy sailing, there’s plenty to keep you both enthralled and entertained!

Titanic Experience Cobh

Titanic Experience Cobh is located in the original White Star Line Ticket Office-the departure point for the final 123 passengers to board Titanic on April 11th 1912. Take a step back in time and retrace the footsteps of those passengers, experience their anticipation as they waited to board the ship and see what life would have been like for them on board.